Boxercise Class


Whether you’re already boxing clever, or simply want to enjoy a fresh and feisty new exercise, Gloveworkx boxercise offers a wealth of key fitness benefits that will soon have you punching your way towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • Gloveworkx Boxercise strengthens upper-body muscles – Although it doesn’t actually involve hitting another person, boxercise still demands strong upper-body force. Training techniques such as shadow-boxing and punch bag workouts help to boost key muscles in the arms and shoulders, as well as improving the body’s capacity for explosive power
  • Gloveworkx Boxercise boosts stamina – in daily life, boxercise could really help you to develop such staying power. With many of its exercises anaerobic in nature, boxercise is great for improving stamina in the heart and lungs. If you’re looking to keep on the move for longer in your daily life, boxercise could really help you to develop staying power
  • Gloveworkx Boxercise helps to beat stress – Let’s face it, we all live stressful lives amidst the hustle and bustle of modern day work. As a result, it’s so easy to lose your temper and get frustrated at the drop of a hat. Thankfully, boxercise offers a way to channel this aggression into positive exercise. The anger it releases is very controlled, funnelling your fury into a productive workout whilst getting a few things off your chest. After punching your way through an intensive session, the chances are you’ll feel a whole lot calmer
  • Gloveworkx Boxercise can help with hand-eye coordination and balance – If you constantly find yourself hoovering up yet another smashed glass you’ve dropped, boxercise may offer the ideal way to cure your butterfinger blues. Developing poise and agility in both of the hands, you’ll be feeling more nimble in no time
  • Gloveworkx Boxercise improves concentration and self-discipline – If you’re the kind of person who constantly dilly-dallies over the simplest of decisions, boxercise could help to improve your self-discipline by improving your focus. Boxercise improves mental concentration, requiring clever footwork and careful timing. As a result, it could well cure your dithering ways!
  • Gloveworkx Boxercise improves flexibility in the feet and ankles – Although the focus of boxercise primarily falls on strong upper-body power, this fast and furious exercise also develops flexibility in the feet, promoting nimble-footed fighters quickstepping around the ring. If you traditionally clod-hop your way through daily life, boxercise could be just the thing to put a newfound spring in your step
  • Gloveworkx Boxercise away the calories – If you need to lose some weight, boxercise could offer a fun and frantic way to burn off the calories. A combination of training techniques elevates the heart rate and boosts the cardiovascular system, whilst working out a variety of key areas. So fight the flab with Gloveworkx boxercise


Gloveworkx Boxercise is accessible to men and women of all ages and ability levels. No matter if you fancy yourself as bit of a frustrated fighting machine or are about as aggressive as Ghandi’s shadow, boxercise really is a great form of exercise for fitness experts and beginners alike. All you’ll need to get started is a boxing kit of gloves, wraps, water bottle and skipping rope. So what are you waiting for? Gloveworkx Boxercise your way to fitness today!