Boxing Specific Class

Gloveworkx boxing specific class is for those who wish to learn the fistic art of self defense and take it to another level by eventually sparring and possibly compete in an official boxing bout.

  • Defence: the art of boxing is to hit without being hit – defence is ultimately more important than you realize as good defence can set up a better offensive attack on your opponent, nobody likes being hit!
  • OffenceLearn how to position yourself with good footwork and balance, and make the most of your punches whether it be a jab, or 5 punch combination.
  • Styles and tacticsthe old adage “styles make fights” is so true. Learn how a less skilled boxer can overcome and beat a more polished competitor, through style and tactics.
  • ConditioningConditioning is the most important thing a boxer needs! You could be the most gifted boxer in the world but if your not in condition your gonna lose and lose badly. Imagine being out of breath and gassed unable to even lift up your arms let alone move a muscle and have a barrage of punches being delivered by a supremely fit opponent! No thanks!